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Ever heard the doozers from fraggle rock sing about knitting?!

27 Mar

During the great radish famine in fraggle rock the doozers learned to knit and wrote a great song about it… worth a listen. ♥


maybe the journey is the destination

20 Feb

maybe the journey is the destination

I want to show you these, some of my favorite items from Etsy.

I love being a seller on Etsy partially because I’m so inspired by the other members of this artists community.  It really is  more than a marketplace- it’s a home for creations that may be searching for their voice.  Or artists with a voice, waiting to be heard.  It is easy to get lost in the jumble of awesome bits and pieces. Sometimes I feel like I’m struggling and want to give up.  But if the destination is the journey, then I am doing better than I give myself credit for, because I’m jumping in and putting one foot in front of the other.  And that is all I can ask for right now.

I hope you find peace in your moments today.  And every day.